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Top 7 Secrets to Marketing a Small Business
by Bedrich Omacka | Published Sep. 25, 2006
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Have you ever considered that you are not achieving all you wish to in your small business? Have you thought to yourself; I want more sales, more customers, less stress and more cash flow? Well, if you have I can assure you that you are not alone and many a small business consultant has stated; It is all about cash flow. Indeed and neither you or I would attempt to disagree with such obvious comments about small business challenges.

The secrets to small business marketing are not necessarily what you might imagine, as so much is arbitrary and community based. You need to start considering that referrals, word of mouth and buzz are what you need. Your business needs to be the topic of conversation at the dinner table, not merely a placement in the linear two-dimensionality of a newspaper, brochure or sign.

The secrets to small business marketing are grass roots based and much longer lasting relationships; Connections, which involve networking and community involvement and action. Public relations and help with local non-profits and memberships in local Chamber of Commerce are some of the best marketing you can do and although you may only see partial results immediately, you will over time see you business grow and see the strength of these efforts. Consider all this in 2006.

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